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Holiday area par excellence, is the first in Europe by number of accommodation and bathing facilities, but also entertainment with the large variety of modern theme parks, sports centers and wellness, golf courses, pubs, restaurants, discos, and even demonstrations, events, opportunities for recreation and entertainment, youth happenings, cultural and sports. Without forgetting the eno-gastronomic tours that offer a chance to learn about the products of a real fertile ground even in flavors.rimini_citta

From Rimini, the absolute forerunner of the sea baths in Italy, took the body a sense of hospitality that has spread throughout the coast, Riccione, Cattolica, Misano Adriatico, beaches in Europe par excellence, rimini_citta appreciated for services , equipment and safety by both young people and families. The fine sand and shallow waters make it suitable to games and amusements for children.

The hinterland of the Malatesta is a hilly area rich in character, with unexpectedly beautiful landscapes, reveals the face of a province that together with its joint proves to be rich in history, culture and traditions, including food and wine is a the most appreciated expressions.
Countries and fortified villages, fortresses and castles, artistic and monumental excellence, vinarie caves and it was from wheat, will further testify to settlements of the Malatesta who gave historical and cultural identity to the province of Rimini. Fifteen municipalities that retain majestic castles, fortified villages, paintings and frescos in even the most humble churches, glimpses of breathtaking scenery and balconies from which you can often see the blue line of the sea and the distant mountains. The countries of the Malatesta are: Coriano, Gemmano, Mondaino, Montecolombo, Montefiore Conca, Montegridolfo, Montescudo, Marciano di Romagna, Poggio Berni, Saludecio, San Clemente, San Giovanni in Marignano, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Torriana and Verucchio.

riccioneRimini Riviera is a land of genuine flavors and loves the art of eating well. The Wine and Dine Hills of Rimini offers a journey to discover the authenticity, quality and the innate hospitality of the people of Romagna. A journey that begins between farms and wineries, oil mills, dairies, farms, hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, continues to discover taverns and restaurants and wineries, the DOC wines such as white Trebbiano and the red Sangiovese, the DOP extra virgin olive oil and all the typical cuisine from a variety of pasta dishes like the famous noodles with shrimp or traditional passatelli, as strozzapreti. and a number of seconds of meat, cold cuts, cheeses and even the piadina, cakes, honey, liqueurs can be enjoyed in the panoramic restaurant of the hill towns. Rimini Riviera is a land to gustare.riccione

On the Riviera you can practice any sport. For cyclists, there are countless cycle tours and mountain biking, which develop along the hills, the itineraries for trekking in natural areas of great value, the many riding schools that organize trail rides along trails surrounded by greenery. Those who prefer the green, has the mbarazzo of choose between Rimini Golf Club in Villa Verucchio and Riviera Golf Resort in San Giovanni in Marignano. The beach is a real outdoor gym where you play all the typical sports, from beach tennis to bowling, beach volleyball, basketball and fitness activities in the water and on the sand. There are many water activities: sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, diving to learn how to discover the seabed. The new and modern harbor Marina di Rimini meets the needs of those who love boating. At night the beach comes alive with dancing and parties of all kinds. The search for a enjoy pampering of yourself, take a relaxing holiday that can be the key word is wellness, meaning health and wellness. This type of holiday finds its focal point in the Riviera Spas, RiminiTerme and RiccioneTerme.
on the hills, and above all a dense network of large parks designed for entertainment for both adults and children, such as Mirabilandia, Acquafan, Oltremare, Italy in Miniature, Fiabilandia.


On the Riviera of Rimini not only in summer but throughout the year is an explosion of events: every day, every night, you can choose from thousands of suggestions. The Pink Night in Rimini Riviera is the largest Italian summer festival. It ‘a unique and unrepeatable night: forty kilometers of coast, together, decide to pink color the night of the first Saturday in June and July with concerts, theater performances, fireworks. The Riviera is a meeting place which hosts events of international importance such as the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana, the festival of Santarcangelo theaters, and other local but no less impressive, as the Night of the Witches of San Giovanni In Marignano, potato festival in Montescudo, one of pappardelle with wild boar in Gemmano, medieval days at San Marino and many others.

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