Ravenna - Mirabilandia

Ravenna – Mirabilandia
Wonderland is a few kilometers from Ravenna, near the most famous beach resorts on the Adriatic coast. In 2003, the theme park was joined Mirabilandia Beach, a water park. Mirabilandia and divided into seven thematic areas that are developed around a central lake. The park offers a special mix of adventure, dream and strong emotions with more than 25 attractions for children and adults and numerous shows with professional artists who offer to all guests moments of leisure and safe fun with friends or in the company of his family. Go with your family to Mirabilandia will represent the high point of your vacation, an opportunity to make your stay unforgettable, or, why not, just to spend a different weekend to pull the plug for a moment. And you will not regret, surely! Main attractions: Divertical (2012) – the highest water coaster in the world, will surprise you with a water ride inspired by the world of offshore. Ideal for families but also knows how to impress the most discerning thrill-seekers. A journey full of twists and dizzying dive from 55 meters high offering more brave the unique thrill of “flying” a speedboat from Off-Shore until cites veil of 110 km / h. Thai Master (2011) – themed Oriental style, this attraction has been designed by the Italian firm Preston & Barbieri and belongs to the type of double coaster. Dual path with the challenges with other crews on board eight places in the form of off-road jeep. Phobia (2011) – Your worst nightmare has yet to begin! A journey into fear delirious, with sinister entity that is only meant to terrify beyond bearable limit! Phobia faces and see that your worst nightmare has yet to begin. iSpeed (2009) The thrill of speeding cites the veil of a Formula 1 single-seater! The most exciting experience I’ve ever tried! It accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.2 seconds and hurtling at 120 km / h of breathtaking curves! Reset (2008) Unique and innovative of its kind, set in a New York destroyed by a meteor storm that nearly gate life on earth. Visitors, wrapped in darkness and on board ships with three seats equipped with special heat detectors, are the protagonists of a real game hunting for objects contaminated by radiation or traces of life form. Reset ensures nearly 5 minutes of pure fun for the whole family. Katuun (2008) and Katun ‘the inverted coaster # 1 in Europe, an intense and long roller coaster that winds among the faithful reproductions of Maya temples and ruins, 50 meters high, reaches cites a veil of 104 km / h and counts numerous figures on the track. Eurowheel (1999): the Ferris wheel 90 meters high, which boasts an excellent view of Mirabilandia and the Adriatic Coast. The highest continental European wheel, which gives you the chance to walk in the clouds! Niagara (1999) First attraction of this type installed in Italy and still the highest in Europe in its category.mirabilandia Ravenna

And a water route that faces on the boats 20 people: you go up through the rack to a height of about 27 m, before easing to 70 km / h, impacting in an artificial lake raising enormous amounts of water . In the vicinity of the attraction are drying booths and kiosks to buy waterproof. Niagara and one of the oldest attractions in absolute: it was invented in 1895 by Paul Boyton and Thomas Polk was mounted and the first time in the amusement park at Coney Island in New York. Columbia / Discovery (1997) The thrill of a space launch icing cites supersonic! The thrill of a free fall that takes your breath away! Salt gradually until it reaches 60 meters in height … hold your breath, 3,2,1 swooping down for a descent without equal. Were among the first European installation of its kind and, in 1997, were the highest in Europe in absolute attraction. Rio Bravo (1992) Love the adventure? Do not waste time and get on board your boat! It dominates like a true explorer impassable rapids of a river. The idea is to tackle the rapids of a river, the Rio Bravo, aboard large circular rafts that rotate as a result of rapid and curves in the path. Also this attraction and now traceable in every European king high. In the case of Wonderland, the attraction is not particularly themed; We go through dense vegetation and you can see here and fake crocodiles. Autosplash (1992) And the classic aquatic attraction “of” trunks, in which you travel on various routes such river curves, steep climbs and descents, special effects and splashing environments occupants slightly. In Wonderland, the game is presented in the unusual automotive version, being born and the environment is full of car washes, tunnels and road works in progress; the “trunks” are canoe-shaped Cadillac. Pakal And a small but famous, roller coaster for the whole family, where it takes place on trolleys-like masked by wooden carts for mines. Has a maximum cites veil of 45 km / h and the path and characterized by a steep initial climb rack, then followed by a series of tight curves with gentle gradient that always accelerate more the wagons and some descents, and then finish with the brakes of block that shooting operate and park the cars. It has a maximum height of about 14 m and the track and along a total of about 360 m. Police Academy and The Pirate Island Tante no life waiting for you this year, then generous promotions targeted particularly at families. On Wonderland outdoor stage two new shows were hosted: “Flash Back” and “The Edge of Rock”, two energetic show, thanks to the strength of rock and engaging choreography, which is flanked by the two new musicals represented in the Teatro Deco the Park: “Robin Hood and the Lord of Sherwood” and “Alice in Mirabilie Park”, both inspired by the classics that made dreaming adults and children of every generation. News and was also the spectacle of acrobatic dives “The Pirate Island”, housed in the Mysterious Village, where you could watch the new breathtaking virtuosity of his divers-stuntmen, and for “Police Academy”, the audience sample Wonderland, which offers surprises both in the plot and in the evolutions, with a big news: it will be the Team Hot Wheels in “suits and helmets” colorful to perform this year in exciting developments to the car and motorcycle themed. Fun fact: every day during these shows are consumed four sets of tires, or about 3,000 tires per season, for a total of more than 40,000 tires in 15 years of replies, all strictly recycled, in line with the great attention to the environment that characterizes the activities of the Park. Since 2008, and have a “Wanted stuntman” option, which allows a maximum of two people are allowed to appear in the show and experience the thrill of auto shows. Of course, guests who participate have the opportunity to drive the means. Curiosity The stuntman performing Police Academy have collaborated to the realization of a number of TV series such as Police and District Police, driving a car or motorcycle stunts (for example, in the second installment of the Police District 8, when the BMW being chased by the police exceeds a semi-closed road going on two wheels). In the Park were filmed some scenes for Italian films ,, A perfect love ” (2001) and … And if tomorrow (2005) .. On 30 June 2013 within the park and played the VI Italian Bowl, Final the A2 league championship football, won by the Grizzlies on Roma Bergamo Lions with a 16-7 score. Parking at the park at Wonderland Park and set in a reserved area. Coaches take advantage of free parking; for the rest, the stop and pay. Caravan: caravans can access to the parking area exclusively for diurnal stop and must remain hooked driving the car? For the duration of the parking. These are only the strongest points of the park, however, if you want to spend one of the most interesting days of your vacation, or, why not say of your life, very important to arrive here. Throw yourself at least a day in this adventure, let a bit, the comfort of the bed and breakfast where you stay on the Riviera, let the beach and come here, together with your family or your friends for a ‘unforgettable fun!