Rimini, entertainment

Rimini, entertainmentdisco Rimini
Always in this city turn out new trends: street bar, happy hour, aperitifs at the beach, dinners by the sea, the future of sports like the next games or Nordic walking on the sand. The fun follows all tastes and all ages. By day, definitely the main attraction is represented by the beach where you can make whirlpools, gymnastics, dance, under the guidance of experienced teachers, play bocce, beach volleyball, beach tennis, assisting in the training and frisbee competitions or freestyle or even engage in bodybuilding or the tools in outdoor gyms made available from the resort. The fun on the beach at night continues because the city never sleeps. Starting from the port are the hot spots where they are born and are intercepted trends. Innovative Zones on the beach by night, many facilities for fun and youth tribes immediately discover these places, so, goodbye clock, sleep goodbye, goodbye thoughts every now and good to enjoy the holiday. And do not forget, here in Rimini, or around, all those wonderful parks that are attracting and offer unique emotion of a visit to the Aquarium of Cattolica, with a dip in the wonderful slides of Aquafan passing by the amazing sights for the whole family offers from Wonderland, Fiabilandia and Italy in Miniature.

Rimini = divertimentificio