Rimini, the tourist offer


Throughout the year a stay in Rimini is synonymous with entertainment and culture. Its art treasures contemplaterimini arco d'augusto masterpieces ranging from the Roman period to the Renaissance. A place to learn about following the imposing and fascinating traces left by twenty centuries of history as l`Arco d`Augusto, Tiberius Bridge, Castel Sismondo, the Malatesta Temple, the Roman Three Martyrs Square or the medieval Piazza Cavour, ending with the city Museum, which preserves its past, through more than 1,500 works, and the archaeological site of ‘the Surgeon’ with the exceptional surgical and pharmaceutical equipment, which has survived intact from the Roman age. A walk barefoot by the sea, to chat or meditations, is certainly exciting every day of the year, summer in the excellent organization, or in solitary melancholy of winter.

For those who want to combine holiday and wellness, taking advantage of the many offers proposed hotels in Rimini, both for families with children and for young people, overlooking the public beach in Rimini Miramare is the spa, a modern structure can offer the whole ‘ year relaxation and therapies useful for the treatment of bone and respiratory diseases, and then the aesthetic programs with sauna, whirlpool baths, mud therapy, massages, water aerobics. Inside there are 4 swimming pools and a large sports hall, all made with great views of the sea.

The journey through the wonderful architecture to scale in Italy in Miniature, the magic of Merlin in Fiabilandia, to the charm of Rimini view from the Giant Ferris Wheel: the fun is guaranteed in Rimini and theme parks.

Corso d’Augusto, Three Martyrs Square, Via Garibaldi and Via Legs are the addresses of the old town which can not start the ‘tour’ of the Rimini shopping.

Here we cross the elegant streets, squares and squares with fashion brands, the trendy accessory, but also coffee shops, meeting places, libraries, and the most exclusive shops. But the walk to shoppers does not end there: the promenade of Rimini, especially in the summer, offers temptations for purchases of all tastes.

Rimini, the tourist offer