San Leo - Medieval

San Leo – Medieval

san leo borgo medievale

The old village is situated on a huge boulder around impassable, behind the Republic of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini, in the Val Marecchia. The extraordinary shape of the place, an imposing rocky mass with sheer walls has determined, since prehistoric times, the dual military and religious importance, as shown by artifacts of great value. In the fortress there are two quite distinct parts: the keep, with its square towers and Gothic entrance and the oldest part and the residential wing, the round towers and the massive wall to the hull with corbels that connects them, invoice most recent.

The two towers, the wall and the keep also define the so-called Place d’Armes. The area is dotted with rocky peaks that rise coming to the sea the most steep slopes. On each of these peaks a castle or the ruins of a fortress remind a tumultuous past; while the ancient parish churches temper the proud look of valleys and hills. Guest rooms at the Romagna plain that a City-Fortress looks schermita from his huge rock shield high and smoother.

To descend from the mountain it appears that ship by the high bow once to the East, with the Bell Tower like a mast, and with its handful of differing and crowded houses. The panorama from San Leo and one of the most beautiful and characteristic of the region with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and along the valley of the Marecchia to the sea.